Sometimes i wonder if you can make everyone happy but I think there is no possibility of that. I’ve been noticing that I get all kinds of comments here; hate and compliments both. I’m flabbergasted however that no matter how I carry myself or wear there is always something. I wear a hijab, I do it because it love it. It makes me who I am. If I wear hijab over a jeans someone says that it’s not parda enough and if I wear it over good old Kameez they say “iska tou duppata nai hay”

We as a society love pointing fingers at others not because we want to better someone; we do it because it gives us a sense of superiority.

I don’t want to take this towards Islam because it always starts an unwinnable debate over everything but I will say that clothing does not define how close to God a person is, especially if you don’t wear one yourself or If you are a guy please don’t make it your duty to correct others and correct yourself first. “Judge not, lest you will be judged”

If someone is doing something good even if it’s tiny, let’s not try to bring them down.
We need more eyes that find the best in others; maybe then we can move towards a better future.

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