Ive been in self quarantine for 20 days or so, I’m not going as crazy as one would imagine. Sure, my routine has gone to hell and I’m eating like I’m pregnant with 7 children but I dont feel like bashing my head in. YET!

Wherever I look I hear people complaining about going crazy, I caught my own brother and his best friend sitting 3 feet away from each other in our drawing room, which is NEVER the primary location to socialise for us youngsters since my grandmother can hear each and everything from the lounge and weighs in her opinion whenever she feels like it. I was furious so I sent him a text that started with asking if he was crazy and ended with telling him we were all going to die but at least he would be entertained. Anyway the point was that he was going crazy so was his 2 weeks quarantined friend while there I was quarantined for almost a month and didn’t really feel the need to sneak any friends in for a little socialising. 

That got me wondering, why was I fine and why was he going crazy?

I think it all narrows down to being an introvert, extrovert or ambivert.

You see, I’m an ambivert and yes I occasionally feel like I want to go out and meet someone but the whim passes and I’m fine. Introvert’s whole life is spent in quarantine so no need to explain them. Extroverts however, take all their mental energy from people around them. They don’t socialise for fun, they socialise for NEED! 

This makes sense, if you are an extrovert the chances are this quarantine is way harder on you than anyone else. Face timing isn’t enough and staying in is probably killing you.

I can’t really put forth an amazing solution to this except conjure up an imaginary friend maybe? 

But just for the sake of making this post more relatable here are some generic tips to help you:

1, Talk to your friends on video call at least once a day.

2, Start video logging your experience, you don’t have to post it but it might help you get it off your chest.

3, Spend time with your family more.

4, Write or adopt a hobby that makes you feel energised.

We can just hope all this passes soon and we can go back to our normal lives.

Much Love,

Aisha S