Alot of you have been asking me why I have started this self love series on my Instagram and why do I think this topic deserves attention.

So I decided to do a Detailed post on this to explain why loving yourself is as important as having food or breathing. I read this book once called “perks of being a wall flower” and in that book a character says and I qoute “we only accept the love we think we deserve” this line hold so much power that I feel loss of words trying to explain how important it is to give your own self love and respect.

It’s true that we are our worst judge because come to think of it; we know so much of our own flaws that it becomes more difficult to forgive ourselves and love ourselves sometimes. We forgive our loved ones but we tend to stay up till wee hours thinking about all Our faults, wrong doing and failures. We never truly forgive ourselves and that seems inignificant to some (not to me) but years down the road we come to a place where we feel so much resentment towards ourselves that we have long forgotten what happiness feels like internally because all we do is criticise ourselves in our minds all day.

Because of tjus mental state we not only feel like we are useless and unloveable we also let others make us feel that way. When someone treats us bad we tend to let it go because we somehow feel like that’s the best we deserve. It keeps happening until we don’t even know when someone is not treating us right and we aren’t getting the love we should get.

It all comes down to the fact that how much do you love yourself. How satisfied do you feel in your own mind with who you are as a person. This isn’t just related to receiving respect and love it’s also about giving it. How can we love someone else when we don’t feel good about ourselves?

It’s very important to know that you are the best you can be and then forgive yourself for the shortcomings. That’s the first step towards being happy and fullfilled.

I feel that this is something that lacks alot in Pakistan, people treat each other bad and no one really knows that is not rude and batmeezi to take a stand for yourself and we don’t know when to take a stand either. We keep getting traumatized by other people without knowing that it’s damaging us. We are already so damaged that a few more scars mean nothing.


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