Everyone who comes here is looking for something; some ask for the world, while some ask for the afterworld and some don’t even know what they are looking for, they just want some clarity or signs that it’s not all meaningless.
I feel that whatever you come here for it’s completely fine, you don’t have to explain to anyone what your reasons are and why your doing what your doing. Nothing matters as long as you feel the serenity and solace in your heart.
I’ve seen people just sitting and looking at the architecture and kaaba and I hear it’s also a sawaab to look at it, so who can judge you when God Himself intended you to find peace there, may it be through looking or may it be through doing tawaaf after tawaaf.
One of the days I felt that I just wanted to sit and relax, my feet were killing me from walking naked feet all day long for a whole week ( we take shoes for granted, we should all thank God for giving us enough to buy good shoes) so I decided to spend good portion of my time just sitting in mataf (the sehan in front of the kaaba), it was one of the best time I’ve had in Harram so far, i felt so much peace and sakoon, all my thoughts seem to gather and everything somehow made sense in the world.
It’s truly one of the most enlightening experiences I’ve had so far.

I feel everyone should do this at least once. Just relax, find a nice spot with a view of the kaaba and that’s it. Think about your life,the world and the end. .