What do I do for a living?

I get this question so much and it’s always easy to answer when your field is very socially understood. I say socially understood because it’s easy to understand what a doctor does and how they earn but when you say “oh im a photographer and a content creator” it’s almost always followed by a quizzical look. Some nod their head and ask what content do i create while others nod and decide against asking anything further. It’s a vicious cycle of explaining what content creators do and actually creating content. That’s one part of what I do, other is taking photos; I’ve been a photographer for the last 5 years but now work is slow not because there is no work, because I’m rethinking my photography career. I want to do lifetsyle photography and people want weddings, it’s what pays more as well but I don’t enjoy covering weddings anymore however there are still bills to pay. It’s a dilemma.
What do I do for a living you ask?

What I do is an amalgam of taking photos, getting photos taken, shooting videos and getting my videos shot, setting up tripods, editing all night long and running around like a headless chicken.

That’s basically what I do in a summary.

Hope it answers this question.

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What equipment I use ? A video on YouTube coming soon.