It’s not about dressing up so others like it, everyone has their own taste in fashion and what is appropriate; it’s about just being yourself and wearing what you like, others will automatically start to like it when you carry it with confidence.
When I was younger and even now sometimes I’m told that my dressing is too “bachkana” I’m too childish to wear frocks and I’m a grown woman so I should be seen in age appropriate clothes but I always liked cute stuff so I continued to wear what I liked regardless of the slogan “khao manbhaata pehno jhug bhaata”

I wore manbhaata all my life.
Now that I have a lifestyle blog and people ask me what goes with what it just makes me smile because I still feel like that rebellious kid who wore a beaded string belt with my shirt and everyone laughed at me till I took the belt off… And I tell Them, wear what feels right, anything can look good if you wear it right.

Shirt by @nextofficial