I knew this was going to be tough, but i walked on with resolve. what else could i do? my Careem had ditched me and in efforts of finding that damn car, i had walked on too far with no internet working.

It was a long walk but i felt that i needed it, walking has always been my way of catharsis; it always gave me some time to resolve inner turmoil and come to terms with any chaos going on inside me.

So i started walking on the sidewalk. It was a 9km walk and it was already dark so i knew the safest way was to keep my head down and walk fast.

I should clarify this at the start that i am a hijabi and i was wearing a proper below knee length kameez with tights.

After this 2 hours long walk through the busy roads of f11 and g11, i realized that if this is how it is for women who have to walk everyday face this; we have a huge issue.

Around 7 cars slowed down to a stir just to see the face of the woman walking, a few honked passing by really close while some guys on the bike cat called as well.

The most surprising part was that i didn’t face any issue from the walkers themselves, yes the bystanders looked but no one said or did anything to make me uncomfortable. This just proves that perhaps the people with some amount of wealth and education are the ones most illiterate in our country by actions.

We can blame the education systems for not focusing more on the morals and etiquettes or we can blame the upbringing but in reality, these things are so deep-rooted in our culture that no one bothers to remedy these things anymore.

I’m not saying that my experience was oh so traumatizing, this wasn’t even 1% of what most women face every day on roads.

How many women out there can say that they have never been slightly touched by that creepy passerby or heard a comment about their boobs by someone on a bike? we ALL have faced much more serious situations than a car slowing down and peering through the window. we all have either seen or have been in a situation when we felt a bit helpless or felt that we needed to hide behind our family members just because of that gaze undressing us bit by bit.

if you are a guy reading this, I’m talking to you!

if you see another guy doing this any girl, may it be an auntie, hottie or a nottie! please intervene and make it stop.

It’s not something that will end in a day; it will take ages! that’s why we need to stop it now.