Vietnam is one of the most beautiful and culturally amazing places that I have been to, the people are so nice and the lifestyle is something that makes you just want to learn Vietnamese and sit with them on those tiny stools and road side stalls and buy as many lanterns as you can carry.

Over the next few weeks I will be going over my Vietnam trip in detail so that if opportunity arises you guys can take tips and pointers and know what to do ( hopefully) (Dobby helped? *looks up hopefully*)

A lot of people told me that Vietnam wasn’t a good vacation spot and “wahan tou jung hui thi na? however to the contrary out of our whole trip Vietnam won the most brownie points in terms of places and activities.

The secret lies in the cultural rich cities and hidden gems.

We decided to enter from one corner of the country (Hanoi) and since it’s a very long country so we planed to backpack right through the it (suitcase more like it) we planned to hit all the main places and depart this beautiful country through other end (Saigon) ( we were food and travel plan was the digestive system, bad example sorry! I just called myself poop what’s wrong with me)

Anyway, as the time line went, I will also be recalling and telling you all about it.

Here is the gist of what ill be covering.

-Visa into Vietnam for Pakistanis

– Hanoi- halong bay

– Danang

-Hoi An

– Nha Trang


-Vietnam, dos and don’t

-Travel expenses and how much it costs to travel through vietnam

First things first THE VISA PROCESS!!! (like any country because let’s face it, we are Pakistanis and the world doesn’t trust us)

Here is what you will need as Pakistanis to acquire a visa

  • Passport scans
  • Two passport size pictures
  • Money

If you go through a travel agent, they will charge you A LOT more for the visa but let me tell you a short cut.

Basically Vietnam offers a visa on arrival but for that you need a invitation letter signed from the Vietnamese embassy to get to Vietnam where you will get the on arrival visa on your passport

Since there is no Vietnamese embassy in Pakistan what you need to do is CONTACT A HOTEL.

I contacted a hotel that charged me 19,000 pkr for two visas, you will find numerous websites caliming that can get you a letter but MOST are scam so only use authorized or tried and tested people.

A blogger friend of mine (Supersummaiya) gave me the name of this hotel, she got hers from them and I did too so you can trust them.

Here are the details of the hotel that arranged the letter for me.


Email them for the arrangement of the visa letter.


Another option is to go through your travel agent however, mine was charging 19k for EACH person while the hotel charged me 19k for BOTH so I opted the hotel to save some cash.

The letter arrived I a week once I made the payment and I just printed them out.


Remember that I also mentioned two passport photos, you will need them when you arrive in Vietnam

At the visa on arrival both (because you have a letter not the visa) they asked us to give them two photos, fill out the form, attach the letter and that’s it.


We waited 10 minutes and paid them 25$ each and they handed us the passports with the visas.

This process is very simple, I got anxious a lot thinking what if they ask us to go back the letter is fake, but that didn’t happen. It was legit.

There might me more options and new ways to get the letter and visa however this one worked for me that why I’m only talking about this one.

Vietnam has a lot of scams so be very careful, people generally don’t speak English so the language barrier causes a lot of issues as well.

The drawbacks are made up for in the beauty and amazing culture however.


Comment below if this helped!!


Much Love,

Aisha S Alam