There are two types of people in the world; ones who love getting their photos taken and ones who dont care about photos.

In terms of this blog post; this is probably for the ones who love photos because I’ve written this from my own experiences and i love photos (obviously).

When I’m traveling the first things that confuse me and gives me anxiety is the packing part; i always tend to overpack ( because everytime i underpack something happens and i suffer, one of the examples can be found here).

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when packing is your itinerary, how many days are there and how many places you’ll be visiting. i tend to pack my suitcase keeping the photos in mind so it’s important that you sort out the days so that you can sort the clothes and accessories accordingly.


IF you are traveling for three days ( lest assume ) it would be perfect to sort three outfits and I’m not talking about sorting them in mind and then shoving them in the bag to later freak out. lay out all the clothes along with the accessories so that you know how exactly it will look. if you a bit more waila like me try them on as well. after sorting that out sit pack them up together in a single packet ( lafafa or whatever suits you, if you’re too fancy get a packing cube)

This way you won’t have to think and find stuff, just take out that packet and dont affect the other things in the bag.

Again, this type of packing is for when you are thinking of days in terms of photos otherwise people repeat outfits throughout trips and guys mostly spend weeks in the same jeans (yikes)

I admit the more the days this will cause so much stuff to bring along therefore for longer trips, the next step in minimizing the clutter is; mix and match items of clothing, take those black tights that go with 4 shirts and those blue jeans that will go with more tops. bottoms are always easy to repeat so try to minimize them. black tights, black or blue jeans are always easy to pair.

After sorting this, what i do this i make four cubes of clothes ( for normal non-hijabis this will be three) Tops, Bottoms, Hijabs and undergarments. layer them according to how you will wear them. pack those cubes and place them in the suitcase keeping easy access in mind. so that you pull out clothes for each day and dont upset the other things.

keep an extra shopping bag or cube for used clothes, after each day put the ones that won’t be worn again into that that dont create clutter. the bottoms that need to be worn again, air them out overnight after wearing them and then put them back in the bottoms cube.

For a very disorganized person like me i always create a mess in the suitcase (I remember one time i forgot where i put Waleeds socks in the bag and for a week i made him wear two pairs and washed them myself during the week with shampoo only to find 6 more pairs later when we got back, DONT DO THIS)

So now i do this cubing thing to minimize hassle.


Always Always keep in mind your own issues when your traveling, i know anything weird can give me an upset stomach so i always carry Honey and Ispaghol with me wherever i go ( warna app bangkok airport mai ultian kar rai hongay and no one will know how to help you )

If you have certain allergies, keep anti-allergies with you, keep Strepcils because traveling sometimes gives anyone a sore throat.

Johar joshanda is a must as well.

For the ladies even if it’s not your date, keep sanitary pads with you because you never know sometimes traveling induces periods early on.

If you have some other medical issues, keep medicines with you for common stuff.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.



A lot of people take stuff that they dont need and it piles on however there are some things that should be kept extra just in case.

First is a desi totka of keeping an extra shopping bag, it might come in handy when you traveling to put dirty shoes in or anything.

Take extra socks!


That’s about it,


Comment what you think and if you have more tips on how to travel efficiently.