Staying happy isn’t based on external happenstance alone, sometimes we have go take matters into our own hands and work hard to surround ourselves with positivity and laughter.

Whenever you’re sad and feel that life is getting to you here are a few things that you can try.

• Hang out with nonjudgmental people who make you feel safe, people who exude positivity and make you laugh.

•Go on a long walk or a long drive with your most favourite playlist or even your favourite person.

•Have good food that makes you happy.

•Get ready properly. We fall into a decrepit outlook whenever sad it only adds to the misery, so put that extra effort into your look. Wear nice and more prettier to give yourself that ego boost.

*Talk to God, just let yourself be one with nature and voice out your concerns.

Please remember that these things are onto for timely consolation, , if you feel your issues are serious please talk to a professional or a loved one to get you proper help.

Comment below what do you do to get over a sad day.