This story is old, not THAT old but yes, old.

We had an event in Abbottabad of four days some time ago, they needed a female photographer and videographer so, me and my friend went with two other team members to cover the guy’s side.

I really like that in all big metropolitans its a rule that at 10 sharp lights will be out and no events will go longer than 10 pm because for the family it might be so much fun to party till 2 am however for the vendors this is a nightmare. the events used to start at 10 pm (dear lord) and go till 4 or 5 am.  After the first day, we were wary of this so we didn’t go till 9:30 (the first day we thought Islamabad rules apply and were there by 6 pm)  this meant that we had all days free with time to explore the city and nights for the events. we saw this silver lining and used the time to enjoy the beautiful weather of Abbottabad and explore the very small city.

The second day we went out and explored the famous Jadoon plaza, saw the illiyasi masjid and took a tour of PMA (Pakistan Military Academy).

We had the third day free since it was a gap event day we so we decided to take a full day trip to Thandiani ( an hour and a half drive away uphills)

we left around 11 or 12 i think, i was particularly very excited because i love driving and it was my first time driving to Thandiani via a known to be a difficult road. It’s always to get a good feeling knowing i have done something that goes against norms.  we drove for about an hour when the weather started very pretty, then after another 10 minutes, it started getting very cold.

so before i tell what happened further i would like to mention that the cars de-fogger was broken so even though we had heather, we had to keep the windows open a bit to defog ourselves or in extream situations wipe the screen from inside after every now and then.

We were driving and that when it started to snow. i haven’t seen snow a lot in my life only one or two times so you can imagine how crazily excited i was. we stopped a car at a pretty meadow like place en route and thought let’s watch the snowfall and take pretty photos. one of the team members invented this game that you had to catch a snowflake with your mouth open and whoever catches most wins.  now imagine four grown-ups on the side of the road with their mouth open towards the sky falling their arms around yelling and laughing.

Totally normal!

but we got some amazing pictures though! find them at the bottom of this post. dont scroll down yet!!

so there we were enjoying when after 10 minutes of continuous snowing we realized that it was a blizzard!!!

we drove up a bit more to realize the fact that blizzards can be dangerous and it was getting a bit out of hand. we turned the car around and realized again that we brought the worlds worst car to be driven on snowy hill roads. it was an automatic hybrid.

A few minutes later we were slipping down the road with no brakes and way too much snow on the windscreen and OPEN WINDOWS!

One of the team members had more experience driving in snow so we changed seats and i got the duty of wiping the windscreen with my sweater ( i was sweater less after this because we are morons who didn’t have any extra cloth in the car)

My friend Marriam was reciting Aytalkursi loudly. the thing about the Thandiani road is that its a very narrow road that’s made on a mountainside, so we had a mountain on one side and a ditch at the other.

we had to maneuver a lot and use crazy tricks told by the locals who tried to help us since we couldn’t move without slipping, the brakes were useless in the snow. we let the air out of the tires a little to get a better drip, filled the car trunk with heavy stones and asked some walking people to sit with us in the trunk. we made the car heavy so it wouldn’t slip. we drove at snails speed back with chattering teeth and cold to the bone.

we drove up in one and a half hour and came down in three and a half hours.

it was one of the most horrifying experiences ever, i thought movie banay ghi hamaray pay in speculation when our cold blue bodies are discovered in the snow.

we safely made it back alhamdullilah and as soon as we got back the first thing we did was to get soup and lots of it!

we didn’t venture out of the rooms until night, Marriam and i stayed in bed with tea and soup till we could feel out bones again.

it was until very late night when i finally had enough and asked everyone to go out and do something to vanquish the fear of cold! we went to get ice cream, brought it back and ate it with a good movie.

i can say that in all the best work trips of my life, this was the most adventurous.

i dont think id like my car to be stuck in the snow with windows down and no sweater for three hours again but i wouldn’t back out of an adventure too.

Here are the amazing photos we got on the trip.

comment below what you guys think and ENJOY!