okay so 1800s is bit of a drag since we thankfully had modern toilets but nonetheless no wifi and no signals is a HUGE set back in today’s life.

We went to this event to a village in Gujraat called khanki which only had Telenor signals and none of us have telenor, it was all fine since we were only there for like two days but the maulvis decided to close down the GT road and we ended up stuck for 5 days (was it 4 or 5? ).

Even my husband was in the mardaankhana (mens sections of the haweli) where we were staying; owned by my bestfriend (it was my besties wedding so i ended up drawing a more fun side of the stick).

The wedding got delayed and we had nothing to do so one fine morning Waleed and i decided to go exploring the Gaon, i hail from a gaon in mountains which is a valley so for me the plains were a bit of a let down but we both still found a tube well to play with; everyone later on asked me if i had been to a village before why did we go crazy over a tube well? and i very explicably said that in my own Gaon people know me but here no one will know who i am so i can do anything.

It ended up being a very memorable trip which was suppose to last only a day or so.