There are so many places that women are deemed too inappropriate to be seen at.
Certain Markets and dhabas etc.I’ve always felt why do women are told to not go places while it’s okay for men to do that in our society.

This creates a very huge gap between genders out and about. Women aren’t seen often enough in some areas and if someone ventures out she’s made to feel like she’s done something very very wrong sometimes even ruining her alleged reputation.Public places are sometimes very obviously taken over by males for example kartar pura food street or the famous mela charaghan.

This makes me want to see women being equally comfortable in public spaces. It’s not a battle of the genders, i really think both can coexist very peacefully in public places given certain morals are kept in mind.We need to create a better environment where anyone regardless of gender and age feels safe and protected to go out.

This starts with every individual. Be better and speak up if you see someone whose being made uncomfortable.