Getting married isn’t about picnics everyday and eating out every night. Although romance is a very big part of marriage but the shadi has more to do with being a partner, eating leftovers and falling asleep during a movie. It’s not about being perfect it’s about fighting on the most randomest of things and finding the middle ground.
Alot of people think marriage is either end of personal life (hey, no harm I used to think this too) and a lot have a complete fantasy based scenario in their minds about living with someone. Everything goes smoothly untill you find a wet towel on the bed and all your illusions of Mr perfect shatter.

That’s when you need to take a deep breath because come to think of it living with anyone has it’s challenges. I used to share a room with my mom and I swear we used to fight every week on random things like “you left the bathroom wet” (my mom’s also my best friend so we both acted like children sometimes, she’s so adorable) I always thought if I fought with my mom who gave birth to me; how will It work out with a guy? But honestly it’s all about the expectations. Don’t expect a Mr/Mrs perfect who God forbid doesn’t even fart and poops rainbows and has insatiable need to satisfy you.

Accept your partner as a human being and let go of irrational expectations that in the end only make you miserable.

May Allah give us all understanding and God fearing partners.

Comment below what you think about this and irrational expectations from a partner.

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