A lot of people tell me that I need to get my priorities right, my life should be more about kids and doing the dishes than about helping run a business with my husband.

As much as I believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion I also think that your opinions should be more related to your own life, if a person doesn’t like fish he/she shouldn’t deem fish bad in general they should accept that fish just isn’t for them only.

I have a lot of opinions that I know would be very unpopular since everyone does those things which is why I don’t voice them out loud, it’s only because I think just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean everyone should hate it as well.
We as a society need to let go of our ethnocentric perspective and see people for how they are.
The amount of times I’ve been criticised for making choices that in no way concerned others have just made me more aware of the intolerance we have in Pakistan.

She smokes, she wears jeans, he’s a fashion designer, he’s gay, she’s decided not to get married, he’s left the family business to go do his own thing, he cooks for his wife (astaghfaar! Zan mureed) she works full time even after kids, she doesn’t cook, he cleans the house, she left her husband because she wasn’t happy, he/she married for love.

THEY ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS and it’s their own life.

If you felt that hawww hayee thing at anyone of those things written above; you need to sit down alone and think hard why and how does that statement effect you that you felt so strongly about it.

Leave britany alone!!!


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