Alot of people ask me that I’m so busy so what do I do when I get home or in my alone time.

The picture just about sums it up. From makeup remvoing to watching my current on-going season I just usually try to relax a bit. The only thing missing in this picture is a good book and food.
Photo totally inspired from @nikkiinwanderland and @happygreylucky
I’ve been meaning to take something like that I swear that women is amazing at this.
Comment below what do you guys do in your down time when you get home tired?

Penguin from @minisopakistanofficial
Makeup remover @nivea_uk
Vaseline for babies as a Moisturizer @vaselinepk
Pajamas from @target
And that adorable bunny is a cotton puffs dispenser that makes the puffs look like a bunny’s tail. How cute!! Thankyou @aishairfan
For bearing with me till we got this shot.(I have the most adorable SIL)
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