This was my first time traveling alone to another country. Was I scared? Yes! Did I doubt myself? Absolutely yes!

Ever since the invitation to collaborate with the Turkish Modest fashion exhibition came it was a rollercoaster throughout.
The Visa process was crazy because right when I was about to apply the Turkish embassy closed down for the new year and with their standard 15 days processor time I couldn’t apply anymore. Thank God that I over heard a conversation that if it was an event the 15 days rule didn’t apply so anxiously I waited for the new year’s vacations to end so I could apply.
My flight was for 16th morning and it was the 15th; The Visa still wasn’t here. I went down to the Gerry’s office and this nice guy at the deliveries desk found it in the new visas they had just received from the embassy, I finally had my Visa 12 hours before my flight. I officially got the text from Gerry’s to pick my Visa up when I was boarding my flight so if I had trusted the system I would have missed my flight.
After all of the tensions and anxiety if visa my family kind of saw that as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be and told me to let it go. I had put in so much effort in this that I just wasn’t ready to let it go.
Turns out it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made ; sticking to my plan of going.
Still, at the back of my mind I was scared; I was traveling alone for the first time!
I’m not gonna go in a lot of detail of what I complied for the Visa since it’s all available on the Gerry’s website.
If you have a valid USA or a European Union visa them you can get the e-visa.
My Visa costed me 13,000 with the priority option at the Gerry’s office.
So coming to the actual trip my flight was very expensive because of late arrival of visa. Normally the flights range from 46k to 60k pkr .
I paid a whopping 90k pkr.
Get your Visa in time guys otherwise the flights will get very expensive.
I opted for Oman air, which is a good airlines however coming back from the Muscat airport to Islamabad was a little inconvenient.
So coment below what you guys want to know more about this trip.
I will be posting more posts with actual finances break down and where to stay what to do etc posts.
Stay tuned.