Iss maashray ko goll roti lay doobay ghi… Stuff that happens after Desi weddings only;

Some guests to my mother in law: Kia karti hay apki bahu?
My MIL: Mera baita our yay mil Kay business chalaty hain!
And then random aunti goes: Chalo acha hay magar khana banana atta hay kia?
Doctor bahu and goll roti has broken more dreams of Pakistani women than death itself.
I speak for women to have more identity than forced confinement to the kitchen.
If it’s a choice then great but if it’s not no one should be made to leave what they love only because society has set certain rules for genders.
Comment below what you think and share what you think are the biggest #issueswithdesiweddings that we all need to collectively solve as a society.