Some time ago i had this idea, it wasn’t after actually doing it that i found out that it was indeed, a good idea!

I made my own BOOK shelf!

i posted about it few times and you all wanted to know how to make it so here is a detailed post about how you can get these babies in your room and make your books life so retro. another thing that will also be of very huge interest to you is that these costed me ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

and people said ajkal kuch muft ka nai milta!

here are the things that you will need;

  1. 1, Wooden fruit crates, if you don’t have a few lying around in your store room don’t turn away just yet! I got mine from a local fruit shop, they get fruit supplies daily so they always have all sizes available. Get the most clean and new ones you can find and make  your merry way.
  2.  sand paper.
  3. A hammer
  4.  A cleaning cloth
  5. wood varnish (optional)

After getting all of these things, make sure you are sitting somewhere you can create a mess and noise wouldn’t bother others.

Place the wooden crate on the ground and using the sand paper smooth out all the rough edges that might be sticking out in the nooks and carnies.

After you can feel the edges smoothed out, using the hammer push the nails back in that are sticking out. the crates are made up of very low quality wood and nails so make sure you don’t hurt yourself .

Using the cloth give the crate a slight rub down to clean it up, if you want you can also wash the crate and put it in the sun to dry it.


For a nice final touch ( although i didn’t do this part) you can spray it some wood varnish or something to make it more nice to look at, for me however i wanted the retro look to them so i left them like they were.



The possibilities are endless with this since you can stack them up and make the final design according to your own style and room.

I’m also planning on getting more crates for my balcony and put flower pots on the shelves to make a very cozy sitting area.

Comment below what you think and if you have more idea for this crate magic.

Here is the final look!