In the new age of digital media i feel that we constantly have something to do and think about, we never really disconnect from the digital world, even at 3 am in the morning when the country is asleep as still have an active world in our hands that pulls us mercilessly in without any effort.

I’ve decided to come to stay at my mother’s for a fortnight, its my first day but I still don’t feel disconnected. My job mainly revolves around communication so i know I can’t turn off my phone but it’s much more complicated than that. I cannot for the life of me pull myself away from the life and career that I’ve build for myself on social media. I keep looking at my Instagram and YouTube at randomest videos, the book I’m reading is lying there ignored even though i keep meaning to read it but I can’t because it’s just too hard to put the phone down.

I remember i read a meme once for 90s children that we used to open the fridge after every 10 seconds wondering if something new had popped up to eat and i can’t help but wonder if we are treating our phones like a fridge.

I’ve decided to take the opportunity of this holy month to detach myself from the visual life and try to collect my thoughts and mind.

I’m going to be make a conscious effort to stay away from the phone as much as i can.

With my job that needs an active internet and constant attention it will be hard but it’s high time this needs to be done.

It’s Ramzan we should all focus on our spirituality and souls rather than social media and news.

Will keep you guys updated as per need.

Much love

Aisha S Alam