I have gone from being a total clutter to someone who has everything noted down in some way or another because I came to realize that even though we all think that we won’t forget something, it’s always the smallest of tasks that slip the mind and that is what ultimately causes chaos. .

I have way too many small things to do in each day and for all of that I like to try to keep everything noted down (Sometimes I fail because I’m not a superhuman guys!). .

I’ve narrowed down some of the points that I feel like help in keeping everything in flow and organized for you business, job or life in general.

1) keeping a small notebook or a planner with pen in your bag, it helps in remembering what needs to be done.

2) Keeping a calender/notepad in phone that is syned with you computer to not miss any updates.

3) Always always keep the emails notifications on in your phone.

4) Keeping hydrated, always keep a handy water bottle with you. I carry a small cute thermos that I’ve mentioned in my previous posts.

5) keeping a powerbank for you phone because all helll breaks loose if the phone dies (this might not apply to everyone as it does me because my work is run mostly through my phone)

I admit most of these are job oriented but I think alternatives of these along the same lines can be applied to every aspect of life.

The most cutest stationary is from @theblingspotstudio because who says life has to be less adorable if you work a lot.

Comment below if you guys have any more points that help in being productive.