As I mentioned in my previous posts that we traveled through Vietnam and then went to Bali so it was 2 weeks in Vietnam in which we entered from North if Vietnam (Hanoi) and exited the country from the south (ho chi Minh City and we stayed in bali for 6 nights.

This meant that we had to travel right across Vietnam in just two weeks. Although 2 weeks sounds alot but to see a whole country it’s not a lot which is why we picked the most interesting cities to see along our way.

The exact travel itinerary for two weeks can be found here.

Coming to the budget for this what we used was two apps that really saved us a lot of hassle in our traveling.

One was a expense logging app called “travel spend” and the other was a money conversion app.

I used to log every expense and after adding basic details like our total budget and number of days it helped us in keeping track of our daily allowance and how much we were spending on what.

The total budget for 2 weeks in Vietnam which we ended up spending was 100,000 pkr per person. This can be decreased if you’re travelling alone and opt for a hostel. We were two people so it was around 200,000 pkr for two people for 2 weeks in Vietnam

This includes food, shopping, hotels, traveling intercountry by sleeper buses, taxis, bike rents, one emergency flight, sightseeing and basically everything except the international flights.

Let’s break it down.


Vietnam is a relatively cheaper destination. If you’re earning in USD then it’s extremely cheap.

For me, I opted for all 3 and 4 star hotel accommodations so it’s from 3 to 4k pkr per night. If you want to stay in hostels that’s even cheaper.

Food in Vietnam depends on where you’re eating. The roadside street food is available at 200 to 300 pkr per meal for one person but since I have digestion problems we opted for more hygienic places like small cute cafes which cost around 1500 to 1800 pkr per meal for two people with a drink included.

Western and imported food like steaks and burgers are more expensive in Vietnam plus what’s the fun in traveling of you don’t eat the local food.

Sightseeing is mostly free in Vietnam but some places like a cruise to Halong bay or tourist temples have tickets ranging from 200 to 400 pkr (3$) . The Halong bay cruise that we opted for was airport offered. It was a whole day cruise with a meal that costed us 47$ each which at that time cost around 9000 pkr for two people.

The sim card with one-month data plan was 11$ at the airport.

We mostly just kept a daily budget according to the money we had but we ended up spending less since things were not that expensive.

We had days when we roamed around all day and didn’t spend more than 4,000 pkr all day including food and transportation.

It’s cheaper to rent a bike in Vietnam, one thing that most people will not tell you is that bikes are very fuel efficient there so when you rent a bike don’t get fuel for more than 20,000 dongs trust me it will last you a long time. We topped it up and just regretted getting so much fuel when we gave the bike back with a full tank even after using it all day for two days. The bike rent is around 650 to 700 pkr per day. Always rent the bike through the hotel.

Our budget for Vietnam and Bali both without the international flights was 300,000 pkr which was more than enough since we didn’t end up using all of it.



Coming to Bali now.

We got a resort in Bali, which was the only luxury accommodation in the whole 3 weeks. It cost us total 65,000 pkr for 6 nights which is amazingly reasonable since it was a 5 star resort. The resort was called “the Patra Bali resort” and it’s on south Kuta side.

Food in Bali is slightly more expensive than Vietnam, where we were spending 1500 pkr in Vietnam we were paying 1800 pkr for the same.

We were only on the Kuta side and only went to Uluwatu for the temples so I don’t think my budget is reliable for Bali, however, we spent around 100,000 pkr in bali for two people including the hotel, food and bike rent, so I would say Bali overall is expensive.

Bike rent in Bali was around 800 pkr per day and the bikes are not that fuel efficient either.

Here is the overall look at the expenses according to the travel spend app.


This expenses in the log don’t include the hotel accommodation other than Bali and one city in Vietnam since we paid for those from credit card and it amounted to around 30k pkr apart from this.

Others include snacks drinks coffee etc.

Fee and charges were the ATM fee of 300 pkr for every transaction and sim card and fines (got fined In Bali two times for license not being the drivers, Worth of 6k pkr and luggage overweight charges of 4k pkr because internal flights had very low allowed weight.)


I hope you guys find this useful!


Much love and Happy traveling!