Goodreads, Meg Cabot and Nostalgia

I stumbled across my Goodreads account last night. Needless to say that I wasn’t just nostalgic looking at the books that I have read and how well I used to manage them but also that I firkkin read 49 books in 2013. i dont read anything anymore let aline 50 books! I

What do content creators do?

What do I do for a living? I get this question so much and it’s always easy to answer when your field is very socially understood. I say socially understood because it’s easy to understand what a doctor does and how they earn but when you say “oh im a photographer and

Tips to handle sad days

Staying happy isn’t based on external happenstance alone, sometimes we have go take matters into our own hands and work hard to surround ourselves with positivity and laughter. Whenever you’re sad and feel that life is getting to you here are a few things that you can try. • Hang out with

Almost human!

No one is perfect, I know I’m not. I’ve made so many mistakes that sometimes keep me up at night just thinking. I’ve screwed up as well, to epic proportions. I’ve done stuff I’m not proud of and I’ve also hurt people unintentionally.We all go through different parts of life, I guess