I stumbled across my Goodreads account last night. Needless to say that I wasn’t just nostalgic looking at the books that I have read and how well I used to manage them but also that I firkkin read 49 books in 2013. i dont read anything anymore let aline 50 books! I need to up my game by, well by 45 books this year. Time is of abundance and I shall get right on that. 

Looking at books I remember that I used to gobble up anything written by Meg Cabot; I was the HUGGEST fan. Its been years since I’ve even checked if she’s written something new. I looked on her website and found that she’s written a few since I’ve been MIA from her written world. 

I found the book online ( this new series she’s written named little bridges island series) and downloaded it.

I feel like life is coming back to my fingers and eyes as I write this as well; I look forward to reading so indulgently that I would forget the hours. I look forward to having snacks with books rather than Netflix for a change. I look forward to crying over pages rather than reality and I look forward to falling in love with a fictional guy who would never break my heart.

Here is a little list of books by meg cabot that I would highly recommend to read:

1, Princess Diaries.

Princess diaries and following the life of Mia Thermopolis was what got me into writing and keeping a journal since I was in 6th grade. I owe it to Mia to always recommend it.

2,  Victoria and the rouge 

Its one of the books I’ve read multiple times, it always brings a smile to my face.

3,  Boy meets girl

This is from the boy series; I recommend ALL of them.

4, Mediator Series

If you ever wondered what happens if you fall in love with a ghost from 18th century or something. 

5, The Airhead series

If you find yourself in a very famous divas body, what would you do?

These are just on the top of my head, I could name more but ill just end up naming all of them except All American girl 2 maybe that book was a bit disappointing if I remember correctly.

If you’ve read something from meg cabot, comment and let me know your thoughts.

Picture Credits : Zulqarnain Ali Syed