One of the first investments we made togather for after shadi was buying this @lazboy by ditching the idea of having a conventional sofa and table for the room. We got looks from nearly everyone for this but no one said anything after they sat on it; it’s huge, it reclines and it’s the best thing in our room.
The thing that I noticed is people do so much just to make their room look bridal but let me tell you something; bridal sets and stuff might not be the best thing for you. It’s better to talk to your partner about what each of you must need in the room and then plan accordingly. Waleed was adamant that he needs a study table so we both got a vintage style minimalistic study table that just fits perfectly, I was adamant about a book shelf and dressing table so we got that as well.

Don’t just buy stuff, buy smartly.

Our favourite place to buy furniture is in Islamabad F6 called the Abbass market (china market). They have the best things there. We got this from SHbuyandsell.

It’s like furniture heaven I swear.

Comment below and let us know what essentials do you think are necessary for a room.

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Lipstick in @rivajcosmetic super matte 721
Dress is a birthday gift from my mother in law before you guys ask :)))