There are so many things that ive always wanted to do but i always thought they are too far fetched and might not happen.

Traveling alone was one of them.
When the trip to turkey came up for the modest fashion week i was kind of confused for sometime; it was actually happening. I was scared and excited at the same time.
I never thought I would be able to have a proper opportunity to travel alone and even if I did what if I don’t like it?
I always wanted to be a backpacker but it’s different when you do it compared to always thinking about it.

My mind was constantly giving me scenarios where i won’t be able to handle it.
What if i get sick, what if i get lost, what if someone drugs me and sells me off to human traffickers, what if i run out if money?

I was going crazy until i landed at 9 pm in Istanbul and saw that there was a metro station inside the airport.
Everyone had told me that taxi will cost me 100 lira and I’ll be at the doorstep of my hostel that was sponsored for me and all will be well but here I was looking at a metro that would cost me 2.5 liras and I’ll have to find my own way.

I decided to go on a metro and save money. It was one of the best decisions i had ever made even though at the time i thought aj tou marray gai aisha!

I learned that traveling solo doesn’t mean you will be alone, i always had someone to hang out with, i made some amazing friends through out the trip during the fashion week and after it ended when i moved to a hostel.
I thought i would be dining alone everyday but i was there laughing so hard with some amazing people i had met that we got a warning from the staff of @hafizmustafa1864 to shut up!

Everything was not as i expected and yet it was that much better.

Sure there were some major setbacks and majors khawarian here and there but i learned so much because of them.

The truth is, you learn when you do it and that’s the sign of a traveller when you get lost and find the way.

This is how alone you are on a solo trip

Happens when people around you get tired of your blogging and constantly thinking about content!