Throughout history it has been only natural for the humanity to idealize the ones who were mightier, stronger or possessed some desirable characteristics. In every civilization there has been some mythical or god like being which other people worshiped and idealized as superior to them. The Greek gods, spirits, pharaohs, mythical or fantastical creatures have played a significant role in molding the thinking and ideas of people. There have been so many examples of superior beings idealized on the basis that they were stronger or graceful than others, that  has not vanished in time, rather that idealization has just altered and have became a little modern and a newer version of the same thing. There was a time when Achilles and Hercules were worshiped for their indestructible characteristics but now it is the idea of a character such as like Edward Cullen that have become the symbol of  heroism.
 In the modern times the vulnerability of heroes like the fact that they may fall in love with mortal girls or vampires that (God forbid) walk in sunlight and sparkle have became a major factor of attraction rather than other characterizes. This fact have become so common now a days that even old lore, myths and fantasies have been altered to fit such idea of today, taking the example of vampire myth that started in Romania from “Vladimir The Impaler” (although there are other conflicting stories as well that suggest it started from a certain allergy of skin that rendered people unable to go in sunlight) and then after the origin the idea of vampires became famous from Bram stoker’s Dracula. Originally the idea of these immortal creatures was grotesque and stories about them were filled with bloodshed, pain and regrets (for example “interview with a vampire”) but now the same idea has been changed to fit today’s demands presenting series like twilight saga, cirque du freak, vampire diaries, blue bloods, vampire academy and numerous more, each with their own new ideas and facts; that are deviated and altered from the original. 

While all the authors have not failed to show their own creativity but a major question has gone unanswered; when did then new generation started to like and get attracted to creatures that showed vulnerability and humane characteristics rather than the idealization of beings who possessed ultimate power and were indestructible? Even though today’s vampires are still shown as indestructible but they also possess some vulnerability as well. What changed and caused the people to like idea of a being that is immortal yet has humanity left within and somehow attends high school and while this is not enough also possesses the ability to fall in love with a high school girl along the way, what changed that made people forget the ideas of Gilgamesh and Achilles and heroes that actually did something for them to be called a hero and be worshiped. The fact isn’t the redundancy of same thing altered in minor ways, rather it is the idea that new generation is liking the idea of a evil creature that is righteous in some ways yet. How far will this concept go is quite unpredictable and a lot of people who possess some common sense as to what is superior and what is not are waiting impatiently for it to unravel.