Ever since I accidentally skimmed through my wedding photos last month I’ve had this difficulty in accepting how I look now and how I used to look like.

I’m on a mission to get myself back to how I was 6 months ago; that clear skin the unbloatedness, the tonned flat stomach and most importantly the stamina to hike without heaving like an idiot.

I am in no way an expert in a healthy lifestyle or the in depth dynamics of what to do and how to do it but I’m trying. I’ve always been a google-maniac so I reserch and apply. Some days I feel hopless and Give up and some days I go that extra mile towards a healthy lifestyle

Before going on to the idiots guide to health I want to clear the air on people asking me if I’m in a diet ; I’m not! Diets usually have an end date and I just want to lead a healthy balanced life where I can enjoy a piece of cake sometimes without letting guilt run me into oblivion.

Here are the things that I’ve been doing since the last month. (if you guys find any flaws (except in my hijab) please comment below so I can Google some more)

Cutting down carbs, not completely but enough to make a difference. No more rice, rottis, pasta, bread in huge amounts

– Having ginger and lemon tea any chance I get or at least once a day.

– Portion control

– Having boiled egg whites, stir fried chicken/beef/minced with lots and lots of sauteed veggies at meal times.

– Exercising for minimum half an hour a day (i get lazy sometimes I’m just too tired . Is covering a 5 hour event considered as exercise?)

– Taking vitamins

I try to keep a cheat meal once in a while since keeping a too rigid routine isn’t healthy.

– Making sure that I eat enough to not let myself go into starvation mode( it’s when your body thinks there isn’t any food and whatever you eat just gets turned into fat for later use)

– Trying to keep hydrated .

– I have a low sugar issue so im not cutting down on the sugar in my tea otherwise I’ll die in a day

– Reading a book and taking time out just to sit and breath.

– Going running in the morning although this one is VERY hard to get used to.

– I feel that it’s important to work but it’s also important to have alone time and step away from life to relax.

 I’ve been trying to lead a healthy life and so far it’s going fine let’s see what future brings.

If you have more ideas comment below and let me know what you think.

Outfit details

Dress by Atmosphere

Leggings  @bershka

Bag @gleamingstone

Photograph by @zulqarnain.syed

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