Everyone has flaws, some have flaws that are visible and some that aren’t so.

İt’s very hard for me to actually talk about this because this isn’t something I like people pointing out and I’ve noticed people blatantly commenting about this under my posts.

I have stress induced squint, whenever I’m stressed out for longer periods of time it gets more and more prominent. I don’t like it, it’s not something that goes away so I can’t do anything but to accept this about me.

İt might be ugly to some people and some might call me bhengi over and over again but I refuse to let this get in my way of loving myself.
Everyone has flaws and this is just one of them ( trust me I have more) pointing it out has no point to it, its like telling someone they have hands; they know!

I’ve always dedicated this space to talking about things that matter and talking about societal issues and after reading these comments for the umpteenth time I decided to talk about this.

Please be kind to others, don’t tell people what you wouldn’t like to hear about yourself.

Be kind and accept the flaws about yourself.

No one will love you unless you love yourself first. It’s difficult and takes struggle but this is a Battle you have to go through everyday.
Live, survive and be kind.