I don’t normally go for food reviews since i don’t consider myself anything close to a master chef, i cant even make tea right ( not kidding, everyone hates my tea; ask anyone!)

When i went for a casual date with waleed to this nice place in Islamabad called the Browns cafe i wanted to write about it not for anything but for the sheer love of the chocolate bomb they served us for desert, its like a sizable chocolate ball that they pour hot caramel onto and it just melts, just like my heart when i saw it happen!!!.

It was filled inside with goey happiness, not even kidding; with fruits and chocolate!. what more do you want in life than a chocolate bomb filled with gooey happiness? Here are some of the shots we took from our visit.

My Outfit details :

Top by @outfitters_pk
Shurg by @outfitters_pk
Jeans by @forever21
Watch and accessories by @juicycouture @charlotterusse