I’m today’s world it’s bey easy to get access to a camera however it’s difficult to improve your skills even though the internet is filled with self help videos. As much as access to information is easy it’s still hard to get the right information.

Here are sure ways you can improve your skills in just a matter if weeks.


  • Get a subject and practice till you drop

This way dates back yo the painters time when people painted and painted a subject untill they got the features just right. The draw back is however that depending upon your quickness to learn this can take to weeks or years to get to a full professional level.

  • Watch a full series of photography self help on youtube.

This is a sure way to get all the information in one sitting and then practice practice practice. However I’m drawback learning only the tjeory might blurr your mind a little when actually doing it in real life.

  • Get a photography teaching book

This will give you nice photos to look at and compare your own skills and improve them. This will however tale a lot of effort.

  • Jump In the field and work

Joining work and learning on the go is a nice sure way to learn with the pros. The only challenge is that it’s very hard to get a professional to take you under their wing without you having any portfolio.

  • Join a photography course with School Of Visual Aesthetics

This is a sure way to improve your skills by working with a professional and getting personal mentor to help you.

School of visual aesthetics offers a 6 weeks photography boot camp and other courses that offer you unprecedented help with everything. They will even help you discus your earning opertunities.They have experienced professionals teaching these courses that will gives you an opportunity to buobu your portfolio as well and learn editing, lighting, composition and advanced techniques as well.

You can register yourself here

I hope these tips helped you.


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Aisha S Alam