I’m going away for a month

In the new age of digital media i feel that we constantly have something to do and think about, we never really disconnect from the digital world, even at 3 am in the morning when the country is asleep as still have an active world in our hands that pulls us mercilessly

How to manage overly dry skin.

In the good days I get medium dry skin which is why my cart of groceries always has a moisturizer. Here are few of my products that have become a regular to help ease the dryness. A Good hydrating mask Currently using the Freemam’s facial Hydration Goji berry mask. I leave it

Small broken window with a world beyond

İn a very small window that was way above the heads of average heighted people was this hidden view into the alleyway looking over the domes of Sofia Hagia and far off stood the blue mosque. This incredible view was accessible if you either jumped or poked you arm out with a