Small broken window with a world beyond

İn a very small window that was way above the heads of average heighted people was this hidden view into the alleyway looking over the domes of Sofia Hagia and far off stood the blue mosque. This incredible view was accessible if you either jumped or poked you arm out with a

First Time Travelers listen Up

There are so many things that ive always wanted to do but i always thought they are too far fetched and might not happen. Traveling alone was one of them. When the trip to turkey came up for the modest fashion week i was kind of confused for sometime; it was actually

Desi wedding guide on In-laws and culture

(Wedding Series Post) It’s very common in Pakistan that girls get married and they enter their New susral house with so much zeal and enthusiasm that they will win the next Nobel Bahu prize only to find out later that there is no such thing. Why? Because perfect relationships don’t exist! I’ve