(Wedding Series Post)

Before I got married i used to have this idea about how it would be like solely based on books and films.
Coming from a single mother family the idea of a marriage was not set in my mind because my dad died when I was very small and my mom was literally the best mom ever but when it came to relationships I didn’t know anything because these things that you learn first from looking at your parents; which is why people from broken marriages or abusive ones find that kids don’t want to get married at all thinking that it’s all abuse.
For me however I didn’t have an idea of what a couple is suppose to be like at all.
I was ready to experiment and find what works for me after I got married.

I had a thora westernized mind set after reading too many books but it’s so not the case in Pakistan.

I feel blessed allhamdollilah for everything that’s come my way.

I think it’s very important to have that communication channel with your to-be husband/wife so that we know what page the other is on. We all have expectations and it’s nice to know that you’re in good hands and we can only do that if we communicate openly without that mental barrier of “I should hide these facts because he/she might not accept me with these flaws” she or he will find the flaws later anyway so what’s the point hiding what you want and what you need and if the other person doesn’t accept you than it’s their loss not yours.

I find that there is no need to hide or pretend to be anything other that what you are. Trying to be a perfect person and a perfect bahu will only lead to disappointments and resentment later in life and these aren’t relationships that should be based on lies and dishonesty.

Be upfront about who you are and have faith.

This shot is from my dholki that my friends arranged for me.
Haters will say my hijab is missing.